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About Us

MKB Webhoster offers complete custom hosting solutions for small and medium enterprises across Europe. It is our mission to connect with our customers and adjust our service to their needs. Our passion is to share the experience called hosting.

Why do we focus on small and medium class companies? So we can target our group more specifically and align our service better with the client’s requests.

With our hosting panel it is simple to create a website. Our webmail application provides you to check your email easily anywhere you want and a professional email address (i.e. info@company.com) can be created.

If you don’t have the time to create your own website or want a more professional approach, our webteam is very creative to help you out in creating a website to your needs. MKB Webhoster is the answer to your web requests and offers quality hosting for fair prices

MKB Webhoster is proud to be a RIPE member and we are directly connected to AMS IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange). We run a high availability cloud network in 2 different datacentre’s. Datacentre A is backing up on Datacentre B with private dark fibre. To attain best performance we use high-end hardware and software. If you have any questions, requests or issues about your hardware or software please contact us!

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